Posted by on November 10, 2016


Africa by nature is known to have some of the most incredible opportunities to see wildlife in close proximity without harm to the wildlife itself or its natural surrounds.

South Africa is renowned for the Big 5, which one can experience by visiting some of our national parks. The Kruger National Park which lies North Easterly of Johannesburg is one of the best experiences that one could have if you are keen on wildlife. Of course the vast expanse of South Africa boasts many other similar parks and we at JMT Tours & Safaris will gladly recommend what we believe is right in line with the rest of your itinerary.

But wait… If you thought that wildlife safari was the only type of safari you could experience in South Africa, then you are wrong. The beautiful landscape and stunning weather offer an opportunity to do Hot Air Balloon Safaris at the crack of dawn – offering you a view from above of a town waking from its sleep and getting into action.

Horseback safaris are also a charm and allow you be one with nature and just to take it all in

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